Salty Entrepeneurs: Meet Neil from Bordh Tables

This week in the Salty Entrepreneurs series, I chat with Neil from Bordh Tables. An award winning entrepreneur, Neil makes gorgeous tables inspired from the sea. 


Hi Neil!  Introduce yourself, where you from, what you were doing before Bordh etc…

My name is Neil Adams and I am the Founder of Bordh Tables Ltd. I’m from Plymouth and before setting up Bordh I was an electrician.

How did the idea came about? What about the name?

One summer’s day having a BBQ in the garden, we were all sitting around talking about random ideas and concepts.  Looking at all our surfboards on the grass the idea of making a table out of one came up.  And, so the beginning of Bordh (as it is now known).  As for the name.  We wanted the product to be Cornish and to fly the flag for Cornwall.  So what should we call it?  Well, Cornish for table is Bordh.

Where do the boards come from? 

Each individual table top is made using heavy high density foam and shaped just like a surf board by a board shaper. Using boards made to order allows us to create exactly what the customer wants, so any shape, any design and any size. This includes logos for companies.

Have you though about using recycled surfboards? 

We considered upcycling boards however the rocker and shape doesn’t lend themselves to being a table. As well as looking cool, it was important to us that our tables are all solid practical pieces of furniture and using an old board wouldn’t achieve this.

Full size dressed table (1)

What’s next for Bordh?

It’s an exciting chapter and there are lots of things in the pipeline. Our website is being built, we are currently in discussions with a number of commercial organisations regarding production of tables for them and we are also looking for a London stockist.

What would be your advice for someone who wants to start their business?

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Can you describe your relationship with the ocean in one sentence?

The ocean is my reflection space.

You can find Bordh Tables here!


Do you know a Salty Entrepreneur? Someone who draws from the sea for their business? Drop us a line!


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