The ugly journey of our trash…( Spoiler! It ends in the sea)

How many plastic bottles, broken plastic fishing gear, or random objects have you seen (and hopefully picked up) on the beach.

But we might forget about it, once we are back in the car, driving away. The problem of our trash however is not going away. It’s staying right there all around us.  In 66 years we managed to multiply by over 300 times our production of rubbish. Ans we are not stopping! As an ever growing population, we need to act to not bury ourselves under piles of plastics.

Project AWARE has made this pretty neat info-graphic on the real numbers.

If you have a business and would like to show responsible practices or are a teacher and would like to educate your class, why not download some of the posters and use them? (Printed on recycled paper of course! : )



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