A catch up with Corinne Evans

Corinne is a regular of the British surf scene and encourage women to get in the water everyday through her surf tour, surf school and blog! I caught up with her for a bit a chat on what she has been up to.


Hi there, let’s start simple, introduce yourself.
Hey, I’m Corinne Evans, I am UK based free surfer, model and blogger who loves surfing, food and cats! I’m based in Newquay, Cornwall and have been surfing for 11 years and coaching women to surf for 6 years. I am passionate about promoting a healthy happy lifestyle and aim to inspire more women to surf!

You dab quite a bit in different creative outlets, what are those?
I liked to keep things fresh and for me that’s having a variety of different projects on the go. I have been writting for Surf Girl Magazine for nearly 2 months now and I love it! It’s like a extension of my blogging. I basically get to interview amazing surfers and write fun articles all about surfing and the lifestyle that goes with it. I also have a business called Seaflower & Rosie. This is a little projected I started this year, I design cards, prints and art work all inspired by my life in the surf. Now my wedding is over I have more time to focus on it so watch this space!
As well as these I also work a variety of brands as a Surf, Model and Blogger. I love this aspect of my life, it allows me to travel the world, meet amazing people and make amazing memories.


Who do you hope to inspire and who inspires you?
I hope to inspire as many people as possible to be honest, anyone can live their dreams and have a job and life they love. I am living proof of it.
Personally I am inspired by people who have had to work hard to get where they are. I find people who stayed true to themselves extremely inspiring. There isn’t really one person that I look up to individually, I don’t really have any idols as such. My family and friends inspire me greatly!

If you could go with anyone famous for a surf who would it be?
Oooh that’s a tricky one.

Do you feel that for the past couple of years there has been more spotlight on female surfing?
I think that female surfing is on the rise and over the past couple of years yes it’s had the spotlight on it, which I personally think is great! However some of the spotlight hasn’t always been as positive as it could be but I feel like we are slowly moving away the negative views of women’s surfing and embracing all aspects of the sport from the bikinis to the wetsuits!

Do you think the level of performance is rising in the UK waters for women?
Definitely! The level of women’s surfing is the best it’s ever been in the UK and it’s only going to get better. More and more women are getting into surfing which is exciting. It would be great to see a UK female surfer on the world tour one day. As long as the sport continues grow so will the level of women’s surfing.


What’s you best advice for someone learning to surf?
Have some surf lessons. It’s probably the best bit of advice I can give anyone. You learn all the basics to get you started. Make sure you pick a good surf school, do your research and book yourself in!

You publish quite a few recipes on your blog, do you follow any “diet” or nutritional regime?
I don’t follow a “diet” I just live a healthy balanced lifestyle. I love eating and I cook all the time. For me I definitely live to eat and having a healthy balance diet is really important, I allow myself to have treats when I want them but always look for healthy alternatives to my comfort foods. I love new superfoods and trying out new recipes and of course sharing them with people on my blog. I am very lucky to work closely with MyProtein UK who have the most amazing Organics and free from range which I will be testing out. Working with them has opened my eyes to the healthy food world!

What’s your favourite work out routine?
I love Pilates! It’s the one thing I always see results with. It’s great for surfing as it keep you strong, flexible and supple. Yoga is another favourite of mine, it keeps me supple and relaxed. If I feel like I need a cardio boost I will do a quick 20 minute HIIT workout. I have found a great YouTube channel called Fitness Blender, they have some great workouts which you can do at home or in the gym!


Best place you ever surfed?
I love surfing in the Maldives. The waves are just perfect for me BUT nothing beats surfing at home when the waves are good, I have had my best surfs at my home break  Fistral Beach.

What are your plan for the summer?
Summer is so busy for me, with my surf tour, photo shoots and other projects. I am going to be one busy lady but that’s the way I like it.

Last very important question: Normally people ask do you prefer puppies or kittens, but my blog is about the ocean so… seal pups or baby dolphins? 😀
I love seal pups, I just love seals in general

Check out Corrine’s blog here : www.corinnevans.com

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