Chilling in Nicaragua.


Sea Sand & Fins is a side project for me, Anne-Laure Toullec.

I am 28, a scuba diving instructor and marketing consultant for PADI.

After teaching and diving around the world for a few years, I found myself in Bristol in the UK and I have a need to share the things which are most important to me, marine conservation and ways to integrate sustainability in my everyday life (although it’s far from being perfect).

I grew up in Paris, but always had an urge to be close to the sea.

Although my first love was sailing, I discovered diving while travelling in South East Asia and Australia. What was supposed to be a 6 months adventure ended up being 4 years on the road.
During this time, I got to become a dive instructor and taught in South East Asia and the Maldives. I also dove in Hong Kong, South Africa, Cook Islands and Spain.

My underwater travels taught me how precious the oceans are.

Surfing and meeting the surfing community made me realise how many people cherished their relationship with the ocean but were not necessarily aware of simple everyday habits they could do to improve this relationship.

My travels took me surfing in Portugal, Canary Islands, Nicaragua, South Africa, Australia, Ireland and of course the lovely British and welsh coast and mostly reminded me how much of a plastic problem we have everywhere.

These days, you can find me surfing most weekends and planning dive trips to warm places.

Want to tell me something? Feel free to email annelaure.toullec[AT]gmail.com


Katie Watson – Physio, pilates and yoga instructor, Torbay, UK


I am a Physio, Pilates & Yoga instructor heading up Flow studio in Torbay, Devon.

At Flow we are passionate about well-being and helping people move how feels good, finding balance & calm, providing the space to do great things with their lives.

Life doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, but sometimes it can feel a little more challenging, so we want to offer a space & resources to help people feel a little more connected and take that big deep breath.